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For those who are looking to book an appointment with Dr. Mark,
it is important to note, all visits with Dr. Mark are by appointment only. He is unable to accommodate walk-ins at this time.

Since Dr. Mark is only returning to practice part-time, availability is limited and patients are encouraged to schedule online as soon as possible, since scheduling is on a first come, first serve basis.

Dr. Mark’s appointment schedule will be released prior to the beginning of each calendar month.

Regular scheduled appointments are $45 per visit. Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

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A Full Range of Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic Adjustment

This manual manipulation is used to correct misalignments (or subluxations) in the spine.  These adjustments can be performed utilizing various types of techniques. Techniques we use for adjustments are manual, drop table, or a hand held instrument called the Pro Arthrostim.
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Cold Laser Therapy

Our FDA approved cold laser emits infrared light in targeted areas to create a physiological cellular reaction that promotes tissue regeneration, reduces pain and swelling, and improves inflammation.
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Extremity Adjustments

Adjusting the extremity is an effective way to address pain and mobility concerns, while giving the body an opportunity to heal. Dr. Mark is adept at identifying the cause of the pain and returning joints to their proper movement patterns, which in turn, restores pain free flexibility and mobility.
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Trigger Point Therapy

This manual pressure release technique is used frequently by Dr. Mark to address problem areas created in the soft tissue either before or after an adjustment. By applying manual pressure on trigger points, he is able to release these tightly contracted muscles, which frequently radiate pain into seemingly unrelated areas. This therapy is highly effective and non-invasive.
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Electrical Muscle Stimulations

We use this therapy to help alleviate tight or spasmed deep muscles. The impulses are delivered to the muscles through electrodes placed on the skin around the area being treated. This is a relatively painless option with a low level of invasiveness and is used as a complementary modality to our adjustments.
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Flexion / Distraction

This is a traction technique involving the use of a specialized table which gently flexes and distracts the lumbo-sacral spine in order to take pressure off of a bulging or herniated disc. The treatment table moves smoothly and rhythmically in whichever direction is needed to decompress the disc, while Dr. Mark gently manipulates the spine.
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Dr. Mark uses these devices to help increase blood flow and flexibility to sore muscles as needed.  Both devices use vibrations on superficial muscles to deliver benefits to stiff and sore muscles.  This technique is complementary modality to our adjustments and is fast and effective.
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Hydro Massage (coming soon)

This therapy is the perfect compliment to chiropractic care and can extend the health and wellness benefits of each visit. Using a state of the art lounge bed, the hydromassage increases circulation to localized areas promoting healing, relieves muscle soreness, stiffness, and tension, temporarily relieves minor aches and pains, and reduces stress and anxiety by providing deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being.

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I have been a competitive CrossFit athlete for going on 8 years now.  CrossFit training is rigorous and can take a toll on your body.  I have worked with Dr Mark over the past year and he has helped me to perform at my best while competing at the highest level in my sport.  Within the last year, I have had two minor injuries that could have kept me from competing.  However, with Dr Mark’s knowledge and expertise, I have recovered quickly and was able to earn my first invite to the CrossFit Games in 2019.  I can truly say that Dr Mark was and is an integral part of my athletic success in CrossFit.

Josh Miller

Husband/ Father/ CrossFit Games Athlete ’19

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